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Sin is to “disobey God.” God has much to say about SIN, it’s devastation, its processes, its origin, its offence, its punishment, its defense, and the victory and salvation over sin. Sin is the singular cause for the destruction of our relationship with God, personal lives, and the lives of others. Sin is a weapon that Satan himself uses to blind the spiritually lost, and to hinder the believers of Christ. Sin leaves a series of emotions not felt anywhere else—guilt, fear, doubt, anxiety- not to mention it produces others sins. Everyone of us struggle with SIN. We are born in it (Psalm 51:10), and we have all sinned (Romans 3:23). However, God wants us to understand that SIN as powerful as it is and devastating as it is, has been defeated, and can be overcome in our lives!!!!!
Duration:35 mins 44 secs

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