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Who Is the All Nations Baptist Church and what is the Internship program? 

The All Nations Baptist Church is the combination of two Independent Baptist Churches which merged into one new church in 2003. Since that time, our church has been blessed with spiritual and numerical growth and has been highly involved in our Queens community. Not only have we striven to reach our community more effectively through various means, but our church family has been privileged to plant three new churches within the borough of Queens plus one currently under development in the Bronx. Evangelism, discipleship, prayer, and church planting are priorities and values of our church. Our stated purpose as a church is “to produce DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ by leading them into a relationship with Him, assisting them with continued growth through the Scriptures, developing and training them in areas of service to the Lord, and encouraging them to reproduce this process in the lives of others.” All activities, services, and events are focused around our church’s Biblical purpose and mission.

The All Nations Baptist Church Internship is a special urban leadership training program with emphasis on evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. The intern will experience daily life in New York City, and have constant exposure and contact with native New Yorkers as well as immigrants from all over the world. The Internship provides daily opportunities for students to work in established church ministries, in community outreach endeavors, and with new church plants within the City. Besides the scheduled daily ministry opportunities, the intern is introduced to many different learning situations: in leadership, personal and group evangelism, cross-cultural church planting, strategy development, apologetics, acculturation, etc. 

The All Nations Baptist Church Internship is especially suited for students who are headed for urban ministry in pioneer areas, whether on the foreign mission field or inner city church planting and ministry. 

An All Nations Baptist Church internship helps prepare the student in three primary ways.  It enables the intern to: 

  1. GAIN EXPERIENCE & TRAINING…The internship provides hands-on experience and training which prepares the student for future ministry in urban or international settings, as well as in church planting endeavors.  
  2. EARN SEMINARY OR COLLEGE CREDIT…The internship satisfies most seminary or college internship course requirements. The intern’s Professor or Dean will work with the ANBC Pastor/Director to make sure the requirements are fulfilled. 
  3. BE EXPOSED TO UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS…The internship exposes the student to “city life” and a variety of peoples, many of whom are newly arrived immigrants from the “10/40 Window.” The intern helps All Nations Baptist Church minister to these people groups in an American context. 

The intern will grow in knowledge and understanding of missions and urban ministry. The internship gives the student a taste of “living in a foreign country” and it emulates many aspects of what a new missionary will experience during his initial months on the foreign mission field.  The internship also allows the intern to experience urban ministry situations and conditions that would not be possible in the classroom or suburban church setting.

Time & Length of Internship 
  • Summer Intern – Eight to Twelve weeks between May and August
  • Semester Intern – September through mid-December or January through mid-May  
Qualifications & Requirements 
  • Reference letters from a pastor/campus minister, a professor or teacher from a school you have attended, and your spouse (if married), parent, or close relative
  • At least two years of college or Bible college 
  • Some missionary or ministry leadership experience in teaching, preaching, or evangelism
  • Excellent people and leadership skills, desire to be a servant and learner, flexible, energetic 
  • A Missions, Urban Ministry or Church Planting Focus. We are looking for solid Christians who have a burden for urban ministry to reach a specific “focus group” or are willing to develop a burden for a specific people group. Discipleship, mentoring, and personal evangelism will be a part of the intern’s schedule and responsibilities. 
What All Nations Baptist Church Provides 
  • Help in finding housing – The intern will share a very simple, dorm-style, bedroom in one of our missionary or church family apartments in the neighborhood of Queens or Brooklyn. Non-married interns pay $350 per month for housing (this is very inexpensive by New York standards). Married housing is more difficult, but may be secured on a case-by case basis.
  • Structured ministry – The intern will be assigned a weekly schedule with responsibilities and goals which are explained beforehand and assessed on a weekly basis. 
  • Training – ANBC interns participate in an orientation period upon their arrival, but most of your training will be “on the job training.” While in New York, interns may have opportunities to attend several training events such as ESL teacher training, apologetics training, church planting workshops, or evangelism training events.
  • Supervision – each intern is closely supervised and nurtured by the Pastor and ministry leadership members with weekly supervisor/planning meetings.  
What the Intern Provides 
  • Food and spending money (Note: there is a kitchen in the missionary apartment for you to prepare your own food. Groceries cost about the same in New York City as in most parts of the U.S.)
  • Housing costs: $350 per month (this will be a shared room with another missionary of same gender)
  • Subway pass: $130 per month (as of January, 2017)   
  • Transportation costs and arrangements to and from New York City (when you get here we will have someone meet you at the airport or bus station)
Responsibilities of the Intern 
  • Attending orientation and training sessions in New York
  • Assisting in the weekly planning of the church and the day-to-day necessities of church life
  • Leading weekly small group Bible discussions and studies with students/young adults 
  • Helping with street evangelism, distribution of gospel tracts, advertising with special events
  • Assisting in planning and preparation for church-wide summer events (i.e. – VBS, camps, etc.)
  • Weekly assisting and helping with our church plants (Shalom Baptist, Beach Church, and Bronx church) as needed.
  • Assisting and teaching ESL to new immigrants in the community
  • Assisting and guiding mission teams when they come for week-long visits
  • Building relationships with those to whom you minister 
  • Attending weekly supervisor/planning meeting 
  • Other stuff as needed 🙂 
  • Note: Some of the Intern’s responsibilities and assignments will be related to his/her special abilities, interests, or school requirements.  
Initial Steps 
  • Pray that God would assure you that this is the direction He wants you to take. 
  • Consult with and seek guidance from your seminary/college professor, dean or counselor (if applicable). 
  • Fill out YOUR school’s Intern Application (if applicable) and/or the All Nations Baptist Church Intern Application. 
  • Send in your application and distribute the All Nations Baptist Church Reference forms. 
  • Conduct an initial, introductory phone interview with Dan Shafer, the pastor of ANBC. 
  • Conduct subsequent phone interviews to discuss fund raising, prayer supporters, and pre-field preparations.  
  • After approval from your seminary/college (if applicable) and ANBC, schedule your transportation and take other steps outlined in the “Preparation for All Nations Baptist Church Internship Guide Sheet.”
For more information, call or email Dan Shafer, Pastor of ANBC at:

917.533.7708 cell

718.296.2025 office

Download Application