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History & Vision

Where We’re From & Where We’re Going

History & Vision

Our church was founded and established in 1896 as the Union Course Baptist Church. The current building in which we meet was erected in the year 1910. During the 1950s, the church purchased the property of its own accord from the Long Island Baptist Association and changed its name to Woodhaven Baptist Church, becoming an Independent Baptist Church. In May of 2003, the Woodhaven Baptist Church congregation voted to merge its membership, its assets, its deacons, and its missionaries with the All Nations Bible Baptist Church of Elmhurst, Queens, New York.  

The All Nations Bible Baptist Church had rented a facility in Elmhurst for 23 years and had been praying and financially saving towards the purchase of a building. Due to the pastor’s age and health, the Woodhaven Baptist Church approached Pastor Dan Shafer of the All Nations Bible Baptist Church seeking a church merger. After much prayer and counsel, the two independent congregations merged on May 6, 2003 to form a new independent church body. On June 22, 2003 the church body voted to change the name of the new congregation to All Nations Baptist Church of Woodhaven, Inc. This name described both our congregation and our vision. Our church is the direct result of faithful answered prayer!

Since this time, the church has steadily increased in attendance and membership, as well as becoming debt free as a ministry. Many have come to saving faith and spiritual growth in Jesus Christ. For God’s glory, we have seen numerous ministries, Bible classes, and church events planned, organized, and established. Community outreach has become a priority, and free English classes, a food pantry, and a clothing ministry have proven to be new ways to meet both physical and spiritual needs in our community. We have also successfully participated in planting three churches in Queens: Connect Christian Fellowship (Corona), Shalom Baptist Church (Forest Hills), and Beach Church (Rockaway Beach). We have also established two current Bible studies (Bronx & Elmhurst, Queens) which we pray will become church plants. We praise God for the mandate and blessing of starting new Bible believing churches in our City, and we have the vision to continue to plant other churches as God leads and provides. We have been blessed to see some of our members leave NYC to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ around the world as missionaries. It is our church’s desire and mission to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel  and to help them to become disciples of Jesus Christ!